September 13th, 2011


Plumbing, Electrical, Financial

I got the bill for the balance of the plumbing/sewer work, which was higher than originally planned because they laid in the electrical conduit as well; however, this should make the electrical work next week cost less since they won't have to do any additional trenching. The electrician from Yerrington that the plumbing contractor recommended called back this morning; he won't be able to come look at things until Tuesday, but he'll get some of the specifications (like the length of conduit involved) from the plumber. Lisa will also want to talk to him about things other than the specific RV outlet. That house has been tinkered with a lot over the years (and sometimes not too expertly), and while Lisa doesn't have a problem wiring a simple wall outlet, there are some more serious things she wants to discuss with an expert first.

The last month has been very expensive. I'm surprised my credit card hasn't melted a hole in my wallet. I can cover things, but it makes me nervous to watch the amount of padding disappear. At least some of the largest moving expenses (more than $1000 for the two different truck rentals) are behind us, I hope.