September 24th, 2011

Kevin and Lisa

Reno Day

Today was a day for taking Lisa into Reno for larger-scale shopping at Canned Foods Warehouse, Whole Foods, and Winco. Lisa is happy to have enough room to buy larger quantities of things. We don't have a full-sized refrigerator yet, and may not until the kitchen floor joist is repaired, but all dry goods are fair game.

First stop, however, was to meet up with friends of Lisa's from ActiveWorlds who she'd never met in person. They were in town for the Street Vibrations motorcycling event going on in Reno-Sparks through this weekend. We met them at their hotel, and went over to the Nugget in Sparks (because their hotel's cafe was overloaded) and had lunch there at Rosie's Cafe. After that, Lisa and I went to a wood stove store in Sparks to examine potential wood stoves and to talk about having a chimney sweep come out and clean and inspect the chimney and wood stove.

It took a surprisingly long time to do all of the shopping, and by then it was on the low end of time for dinner, so we went back to the Nugget and had dinner at John's Oyster Bar. I played my usual keno ticket, and hit a 5/7 MegaKeno ticket, which was good for a $22 payout. OTOH, my net for the day was only +$7, but still, any day you get more money than you put in to the casino is a good one.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, Lisa will move the trailer out of the RV park over to the house, although Lisa says she doesn't plan to actually move it onto the RV parking space and connect things until Monday after the electrician comes to wire in the 50A RV outlet.