November 19th, 2011


Where I'll Be

This morning is the regular SFSFC Board of Directors meeting. The window visible from this webcam is in the room in which we're meeting (the former ticket office of the Centerville train station in Fremont), and this webcam is actually inside the room, pointing out toward the tracks. Neither camera will actually be covering our meeting.

Normally I would walk to the station, but I have so much stuff I have to carry to today's meeting that I'll have to drive to get it all there. It's ironic, because I'll have to drive significantly round-the-houses to get there due to the nearest street being blocked off by the regular Saturday morning farmers market, and that means that it will actually take me longer to drive than to walk there. Since I'm responsible for the tech that will make the conference call possible (so those directors who can't be here in person can still participate), I need to be there an hour early in order to give myself time to set up.

Update, 10:30: Due to confusion at the meeting venue, we will be meeting inside the Depot Cafe itself, which means there actually is a way to watch the meeting, although it doesn't include audio.
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Quick Change of Plans

My original plans for this afternoon and evening was to polish off the minutes of today's SFSFC board of directors meeting, update the corporation's web site with some announcements, and then spend the evening packing in a leisurely way for the trip to Fernley tomorrow. However, a check of both chain controls and the weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow shows that the roads are open with no restrictions right now, but that snow is expected after midnight tonight and into tomorrow, which means that I could get stuck if I go tomorrow morning. Therefore, I quickly changed plans and packed my bags. Unfortunately, this means I won't be able to transport as much on this trip as I expected, since I don't have time to finish the packing I had in mind. Instead, I'm just sort of tossing things randomly into the back of the van.

Just to add insult to injury, the handle on the left side rear door of the van broke. It's shut and safe, but now it can't be opened. This means I can't load anything into the back of the van that needs both doors open. I guess it's just as well that I hadn't loaded any oversize items yet.

I'm about to leave Fremont, and plan to stop in Colfax for coffee in a few hours. I'll try to check my messages there.