November 23rd, 2011

Kevin and Lisa

Good Samaritans

Yesterday after lunch, Lisa and I walked to the post office as is our evolving habit here in Fernley, and decided to walk from there to the Quik Stop to get some milk, cutting through a residential neighborhood. As we walked by one of the houses, a frantic Jack Russell terrier came rushing out to the fence of a yard where an older woman was working on something along the edge of her house. I heard the woman calling out, but at first I thought she was trying to get the dog to calm down. Finally, I realized that she was calling out "Excuse me? Help!" at us.

"Do you need some help?" I called to her.

"Yes! I can't get up!" She cried.

"Oh, my goodness!" Lisa and I came to the gate while the dog barked like crazy. We let ourselves in with some trepidation, but the dog didn't bite, just bark a lot. We rushed over to the woman, who had been trying to put a frost cover over an outside hydrant. She'd gotten stuck and couldn't get up, although she wasn't specifically injured, thank goodness.

Lisa and I carefully helped the woman to her feet, and she assured us that she was otherwise okay. We were apparently the second group of people to come walking by, but the first group ignored her cries for help. I don't know how long she'd been stuck there. We helped secure the frost blanket over the hydrant. The woman insisted she didn't need any other help but just was a bit stiff in the back. The dog didn't calm down much at all, but also didn't try to escape the yard as we let ourselves out.

We finished our errand to the mini-market feeling pretty good about ourselves and happy that we'd decided to walk down this street that afternoon.