November 26th, 2011


2011-2 WSFS Business

The minutes of the 2011 WSFS Business Meeting and the WSFS Constitution, Standing Rules, and Business Passed on to the 2012 Worldcon have been posted to the Chicon 7 web site.

I posted video of the Preliminary 2011 Business Meeting and Main 2011 Business Meeting back at the time, and alas never got back around to editing together and posting a cleaner, two-camera-shoot version of the meetings. Sorry about that. Two cameras and editing makes the job significantly more difficult than just a straight fixed camera shot. And I just recently remembered that I never got around to uploading the (not particularly controversial, mostly pro forma) Site Selection Business Meeting video. The days immediately following Renovation were particularly hectic, what with signing the offer on Fernley House the day after Worldcon and rushing around to quickly move Lisa out of Mehama, and in light of that, WSFS business had to take a back seat.
Kevin and Lisa

Not So Black Friday

Yesterday morning, Lisa and I took our time waking up, although we did have a time constraint based on how long the included breakfast bar was open. I brought breakfast back to the room, which turned out to be the best choice given that the breakfast room was packed with families with small children running around and making much noise. After a rather leisurely sorting-out process, we checked out of the hotel and headed west, not east, as Lisa wanted to go to a train hobby store in Roseville. We happened to stumble across another train store in Auburn as well. After the target of opportunity in Auburn, we went to Roseville, where it took several tries before we actually found Railroad Hobbies, it having been some years since we'd been there. Also, we let ourselves get distracted looking at Union Pacific's rotary snowplows in Roseville yard.

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Eventually we got back to Fernley, where I refueled the van and drove us home. The house was all in one piece, and not even as cold as it might have been. Lisa kindled up a fire with no trouble (maybe someday I'll get a better feel for working the fireplace) and we settled back in. Lisa then made dinner, making turkey soup from the last of our Thanksgiving Day leftovers from my mother's. (Bringing the electric ice chest was smart.) Not particularly exciting times. But then again, I'm not really looking for excitement right now. Life is still much too interesting for me these days, and I'm looking for some peace, quiet, and stability.