November 27th, 2011


Lucky Bear

We did not win the Mini Cooper (or the $18,500 cash equivalent) prize at the final Camp Win-A-Lot drawing last night at the Nugget in Sparks. But we had a good time anyway, and travelswithkuma won $10.

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At the Nugget's 9 PM Big Drawing for the car, as part of the warm-up, the "Camp Win-A-Lot Girl" came through the audience giving away prizes to people who showed the most enthusiasm. Lisa held Kuma Bear up over her head and we whooped and hollered and clapped and I pointed at Bear. The prize girl was sufficiently taken as to give us one of the envelopes: a $10 slot credit. Lucky Bear!

I did glimpse my name scrolling by during the run-up to the drawing, but alas, the gaping hole in our finances was not suddenly filled in by an $18.5K windfall. Still, we had $10 in slot credit, and it had to be played within four days, so we figured we'd use it up that night. You can't cash out any slot credit, but any winnings can be cashed. When we were done, the $10 credit translated into $8.70 in actual cash, so that's not too bad!

Finally we went to Winco for our large grocery shopping. It was much less crowded at 11 PM than at 5 PM! Having thoroughly restocked the larder, we returned to Fernley, getting home around midnight. We'd forgotten to leave the heat on in the trailer, so we huddled around the fireplace in the house for a while as the trailer heated back up from the 5° C to which it had cooled.

These four day weekends are a trifle strange to me. Yes, we took two days to visit my mother, but I sometimes think I'm wasting the time when I don't plan major travels around four days off. I suppose that technically we could have done something really significant like an expedition to Mehama to retrieve stuff in the storage locker there, but at this time of year (and Christmas is worse), the weather is too unpredictable to risk it.