December 4th, 2011

Conrunner Kevin

Over The Top

It's a lovely late autumn day in the Sierra Nevada. I made excellent time over Donner Summit, and have stopped, as has become my habit, at the Starbucks in Colfax for a coffee and snack to fortify me for the rest of the drive back to the Bay Area. Alas, at this time of the year, it means I'm going to have the sun in my eyes for around an hour, which is as good a reason as any to turn south at Sacramento rather than go back via I-80/680.
Conrunner Kevin

Return to Fremont

I got back to Fremont around 8 PM this evening. While unpacking, I found my phone charger. It was in my computer backpack all along; I just had put it in a different pocket than the one in which I normally store it while traveling.

I popped the most recent backup clone of my personal computer's hard drive into the computer and it booted right up. The refuses-to-boot drive is, as usual, perfectly readable in all other ways and I'm restoring all of My Documents back to the working drive. This will take a couple of hours. I must remember to archive off videos and photos — which take up an inordinate amount of space — to offline storage. It's just too easy to keep accumulating this stuff.