December 7th, 2011

Kevin and Lisa

Cold Comfort

I'm not going to deny that it has been getting cold in Fernley. Because we won't be able to afford to replace the Furnace of Death until next year, Lisa has effectively sealed off the south end of the house so that the fireplace at the north end only has to heat the living room. On the other hand, I took a bit of amusement from the fact that as of 1 PM today, it was 5° C warmer in Fernley than it was back in Mehama. And in Mehama, the morning weather report has been "freezing fog," while Fernley has been dry with light to no clouds.

Even when it's cold like this, keeping it dry and sunny has done good things for Lisa's disposition. Fernley isn't Montana, but there's a lot of Big Sky out there that's a huge change (and improvement) from the hemmed-in rainy valley in which Mehama lies.