December 17th, 2011


Fernley, by Way of Yuba City

I'll be working from Fernley for the next three weeks. Rather than head up yesterday afternoon, I'm leaving Fremont this afternoon, because I want to swing up to Yuba City and deliver Christmas gifts to my mother, sister, and nephew, and that adds several hours to what is already a six-hour drive in the best of circumstances. Fortunately for me (but not for the ski resorts and next year's water supply), the weather forecast is for clear and dry.

I have another van-load of boxes and small furniture to take to Fernley as well. Lisa and I have discussed maybe cleaning out the storage locker in Yuba City sometime this summer, if we can find a time window for it. Some stuff can be used to furnish Fernley House, while the rest can be moved to a storage location more convenient to the house, like walking distance. The reason I stored stuff in Yuba City originally was because I was living there at the time I needed to "temporarily" relocate to the Bay Area (that was in 1994!) and because storage is much cheaper in Yuba City than in the Bay Area.
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