December 18th, 2011


Long Way Home

I didn't get away from Fremont as early as I had hoped, and I had numerous errands along the way, so I only got up to Yuba City around 2 PM or thereabouts. I then went out to Sutter, where my mother was not home, but where I could let myself in the back way and leave her Christmas present before going on to Yuba City and visiting with my sister and nephew for a while. I gave them their presents as well, and would have stayed longer, but I still had 150 miles to go and the days are short this time of year. I grabbed a burger in a drive-through and set off east on CA-20 through Grass Valley. That road is nowhere near as entertaining at night, with lots of sharp curves. OTOH, with so little traffic you can use your high beams, and they're quite useful under those conditions. I got to Fernley about 8 PM. I haven't unpacked the van yet, but I'd better go do so, because we need to head in to Reno this afternoon, and we want to start early because we're thinking of going to that restaurant at the Nugget we like but that plays music all evening that we don't like. If we get there when they open at 5 PM, we have an hour of quiet before the music starts.