December 23rd, 2011

Kevin and Lisa

Van Door Repairs

Yesterday was cold, but not too awful as long as you were in direct sunlight, which the south side of the garage where my van is parked was, so Lisa decided to take a crack at fixing the broken handle. My Astro has a split rear door. You open the right side door with the handle on the outside, then use the handle inside on the left door to open it. That handle broke, jamming the door closed.

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The rear doors now work properly again, so I can move things that are wider than one door again. I expect a body shop would have charged at least $250 in labor and maybe more, and they might have tried to use a lower-quality Chinese clone of the part. While I paid more for the genuine GM part, I was glad of it and glad they still stock the part.

In light of the labor savings, I didn't begrudge buying lunch from the burrito stand a couple of blocks from here on Main Street or taking Lisa out to dinner last night at the China King Buffet down the road one bit.
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