December 24th, 2011


Protect from Freezing

Yesterday afternoon, Lisa and I were getting ready to drive into Reno, it being the last full day before Christmas (and I had the day off). We should have gotten away much earlier, but we'd slept in considerably that morning. Since we were going to buy perishables, I suggested Lisa put the powered ice chest in my van. When she opened the sliding door to do so, she saw that there was a bunch of spilled soda on the rear floor of the van. She started to sop that up as I came out, and we wondered where it came from. Then we realized what had happened.

I'd left two 12-packs of Diet Coke in the step-well of the van and forgotten to take them into the house from our last shopping trip. It got so cold here (it was -15° C last night) that one of the cans froze and burst, blowing out through the cardboard container as well and spraying half-frozen cola over the back of the van. Several other cans had swollen, but it doesn't look like any others burst. I tossed the burst can full of Coke slush aside and, at Lisa's direction, carried the two 12-packs into the trailer and put them in the bathtub so that they could thaw out and so there would be some place for the runoff if there was any more leaks.

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Meanwhile, we're now down to about 3/4 cord of wood, as I mentioned. But we do need to use it. I've been trying this morning to get the fire running again as it all but went out overnight. It takes quite a while for the thing to come back up to heat even when I do manage to kindle a fire from the remaining coals.
Conrunner Kevin

Train Calendars

I once again find myself away from the Bay Area around the time that the Orchard Supply Hardware train calendars are being distributed. Anyone in the Bay Area going shopping at OSH this week who might be able to pick me up a couple of extra calendars? I can pick them up at BASFA after I get back.
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