December 30th, 2011



Lisa likes the temporary paper blinds so much that she wanted us to get more. Here in Fernley, they only sell them in singles, not in the economy six-packs, and we need a lot of them. So yesterday afternoon we headed in to Reno, where we bought two more boxes from Home Depot, plus an extra-length one with which she will cover the sliding patio door. The door got to the point where we were only barely able to latch it closed, so Lisa declared it off-limits for the rest of the winter. She's concerned about it getting stuck open, you see. When it gets warmer, she'll take a crack at fixing it, but until now, we're keeping it locked closed, and she wants a screen over it so people can't just look into the family room at the south end of the house.

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The 30-mile trip to Reno is mildly inconvenient, and we'd rather group errands together when we do it, but it's not much different than the distance I've been commuting to work or between Mehama and Salem. It just seems a bit longer because there is not a whole lot between Fernley and Reno/Sparks.

Northern Nevada Heat Wave

It has been unseasonably warm here in Fernley, with two consecutive days where the lows were above freezing. We're taking advantage of this by letting the fire go out completely so we can more easily clean around the stove. (It's a little difficult to do that when you risk burns by doing so.) Lisa also flushed the drainage lines in the trailer, which are unfortunately subject to clogging in very cold weather. The forecast is for things to start cooling off again tomorrow, although it's not supposed to get down below -10° C again like it did last week.