January 16th, 2012

WSFS Captain 4


Chicon 7 Hotel Reservations are now open. I booked my room, arriving Tuesday, August 28 and departing Tuesday, September 4. (Times are driven by our arrival on the California Zephyr and departure on the Texas Eagle.) That's $1200 in hotel room. Ow. I could save two nights by booking a couple of nights at one of the Holiday Inns in the area using points, but then we'd still have to change hotel rooms, and I really don't like doing that in the middle of a convention stay; it wastes hours of your day. And I really prefer to stay in the main convention hotel whenever possible. I also volunteer to be in the party block, as a favor to the convention and a help to my fellow fans. Besides, I know that hotel and would prefer to not have to go down to the ground to go back up to the parties at night, which is almost certainly what would happen if I booked into the "quiet" block.
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