February 9th, 2012

Conrunner Kevin

Could Be Better, Could Be Worse

Got my lab results back from my most recent medical exam. The important figure for diabetes is the A1c, which ideally should be between 4.8 and 5.6%. My previous number had been at 6.0, the second-highest ever. (I was a fair bit higher when first diagnosed, but brought it back down into the non-diabetic range through diet and exercise.) The current figure is 5.9, which while still out of norm is an improvement, and my doctor isn't displeased. He repeats, and I agree with him, that I need to lose the weight, and that someday my pancreas will decide it's had enough and things might go as pear-shaped as I am right now.
Kevin and Lisa

Report from Portland

Lisa gave me a call from the hotel last night. She and travelswithkuma and scott_sanford went to the video show in Portland yesterday. She says she was a little disappointed. The show was not as well organized as it had been in past years, and there were fewer (as in no) television stations or other bigger professional groups at the show. Still, she's glad she made the trip. Today she's heading back toward Fernley, and she may go to Mehama on the way and collect her utility trailer and some of the things like the spare propane bottles that we were unable to carry on our two previous moving trips. She also expects to take the opportunity to shop at some of the stores that have things (like the variety of Dave's Killer Bread they don't sell in Reno) she can't easily get in Fernley. (She says she can get some of the Dave's Bread frozen, so she can take several loaves with her and they'll keep for a while.) Also, a few medium-ticket purchases without sales tax are on the to-do list.

Lisa isn't sorry to have moved to Fernley, but there are times when we wish there was a Roth's supermarket and a Bi-Mart store in the area.

Phase 3 In Progress

Lisa called just after I got back to the apartment in Fremont to tell me that she did assay making a trip to Mehama, and that there was no problem with her collecting the trailer. (That is, her sister didn't fuss about it or claim it wasn't Lisa's, which is good because Lisa had forgotten to bring the trailer's title papers back from Fernley.) Lisa also collected the spare propane bottles. She wishes the little pickup (not pictured in the icon) had enough oomph to pull more, because she thinks she might have otherwise been able to pack the trailer up with all that's left of her things in storage in Mehama. As it stands now, we'll have to make one more trip with a small rental truck, probably on the way back from Westercon this July.

When she called, she was at the Pilot truck stop in Chemult, which is one of our regular refueling stops on this back-and-forth travel. (The other is Alturas.) She expects to be at the hotel in K-Falls later this evening.

Incidentally, the icon here is brand new. It's taken from the photos we made of Lisa and her Big Orange Van for her amateur radio QSL card. The photo was taken out in her father's field in happier times in Mehama.

Phase 3 Complete

Lisa made excellent time from Chemult and called me from Klamath Falls about 7:30 PM. She had no trouble checking in, and there was room to park the pickup-trailer combination. She's worried about the bearings in that trailer holding up for the long haul, so she's not taking it terribly fast. As long as it holds on for the remaining 300 or so miles to Fernley, that will do, she says.