February 23rd, 2012

Wig Wag

Best Seat in the House

When I boarded ACE train #6 at Great America yesterday, I got on at the north (railroad east; the "Stockton") end of the train. ACE trains generally have the locomotive at the "San Jose" end of the train and are pushed toward Stockton, with a driving cab coach on the Stockton end. I went up to the middle level and discovered that there is actually a seat where you can look out the front of the train.

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Alas, the actual best seat would be the one facing forward, but the ACE crew rope off the forward bay-of-4-seats for their "office" (that's one of their bags in the photo above, and their paperwork is on the table). The only seats accessible to paying passengers face backwards, so in order to get this shot, I had to perch on my knees on the backward-facing seat. That wasn't too bad for the roughly 15 minutes or so it takes to go from Great America to Fremont, but wouldn't be so much fun for a longer trip.
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