February 25th, 2012

Fernley House

Toss Out an Anchor

Thanks to having started work at 5 AM yesterday, I was able to leave by 1 PM, and I made it to Fernley about 7:30, which is pretty good time considering I stopped four times along the way including 30 minutes for two much-needed cups of coffee at Colfax. Lisa and I are still on different sleep schedules (she didn't get to bed until about 4 AM, I think). As I went to bed, a wind storm came up. The trailer was really rocking for several hours, which makes both of us uneasy. As I said earlier today, when I got up this morning, I expected to look out the door and see two feet sticking out from under the trailer and a bunch of munchkins surrounding us, at which point I would have said to travelswithkuma, "Kuma, I don't think we're in Nevada anymore."