March 29th, 2012

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Hugo Announcements Ahead

As you may have seen in this announcement on the Hugo Awards web site and elsewhere, the nominations for the 2012 Hugo Awards will be made in a live ceremony held simultaneously at five SF/F conventions (four in the USA plus Eastercon in the UK) on the Saturday of Easter weekend, and the live announcement is also expected to be broadcast on the Worldcon UStream (channel Worldcon1), although the specific technical details of this simulcast haven't yet been published.

I won't be at any of the Easter-weekend conventions and won't be in a position to do a CoverItLive event like we've done in the past for the Hugo Ceremony itself (and that we plan to do this year in Chicago as well). I'll be paying attention to the event online (1 PM Pacific Time) because I need to update as soon as all of the nominations have been announced.