April 15th, 2012

Conrunner Kevin


In case you happen to be looking for a place to rent in the East Bay/Fremont area, you could do worse than rent the apartment I'm in the process of vacating. Here's the listing. The only reason I'm leaving now is because I need to downsize my out-of-pocket expenses and can't pay both the $1,450/month rent and the payments on Fernley House. I have no problems with the unit's owner or management, and if I could afford it, I'd renew the lease and stay here.

This property in Fremont (it's part of a condominium development) is generally nice, although I reckon it could use new carpet. (It probably needed new carpet when I moved here ten years ago.) Washer, dryer, and dishwasher are only a few years old, and the refrigerator is only a little older. (It was something we bought when I was living at the San Jose Slan Shack before I moved here; I transferred it to the unit's owner as part of a deal we struck because it was of better quality than the 'fridge he already had in the unit.) I'm sure the apartment will look even better once it's been thoroughly cleaned and refreshed. Right now of course it is a mess with boxes and junk strewn about as part of the move-out.
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