June 7th, 2012


Not as Simple as You Think

I don't have the energy to write more about it, but I'd like to observe the following things about Westercon:

  • Westercon is not likely to go away immediately, as there are two seated conventions and one known bid for 2014.

  • It takes at least four years to shut down Westercons in an orderly fashion. When I have a chance, I'll write more about the process.

  • Saying "If nobody files, LASFS has to decide where to hold Westercon" is a significant over-simplification of the process.

  • The process we followed at the Westercon 64 Business Meeting was unprecedented, but not lawless or just made up out of my head. We followed the Westercon bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order. We didn't just do "whatever Kevin said."

The above brought to you by multiple e-mails I've received from different people recently that misunderstand Westercon's rules in various ways.