June 23rd, 2012

Go By Train

Trains (and Roads) Taken

This morning I slept in compared to going to work, but still was up fairly early so I could catch light rail up to Great America station and catch the Amtrak Capitol up to Fremont where my van awaited me. I had a minor moment of panic when, part-way to the Gish light rail station, I realized that I'd left my Amtrak ticket back in the apartment; fortunately, I had given myself enough time that I could trot back and get it and still make the connections work.

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It took a lot longer to get everything done in Fremont that needed doing, and I didn't get back to the apartment until about 3 PM. However, that wasn't too late for the apartment complex's annual barbecue. I had time to pick up a double burger and trimmings that the management was putting on for the residents. But by then I was feeling awfully wrung out. I went back to my room and took the rest of the day off, spending most of it in bed watching the way-too-exciting Giants-A's baseball game.