June 24th, 2012

Grammar Police

Double Play

As I was walking away from the barbershop yesterday, I spotted this sign in the dilapidated shopping center's parking lot.

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Maybe the sign maker was offering a "sale" on "free quotation mark's" the day they ordered this sign.
Kuma Bear

Late Notice: Call for Ads for a Different Sort of Westercon

At the direction of travelswithkuma, Lisa and I will be hosting a "Westercon that Wasn't" party at Westercon 65 on Friday, July 6. In keeping with the multiple-time-and-space themes of Westercon 65, the idea is that in a just slightly different world, the Tonopah in 2012 Westercon bid won the bid two years ago in Pasadena, and a relatively small but dedicated group of fans would be converging on Tonopah, Nevada for the weekend after Independence Day for a strange little Westercon in the Nevada desert. A little tiny piece of that other Westercon 65 is going to leak through a wormhole and our room party will be a pale reflection of what the fun-in-the-desert Westercon would have been.

I plan on having membership badges for those people who were any of the flavors of pre-supporting members of the Tonopah in 2012 bid, and I think we will still be able to sell "post-apocalyptic" memberships until we run out of the small number of shirts left over from the bid. We'll have Kuma Bear's favorite food (Goldfish crackers; a case of them is waiting for me to collect them from the Staples in Reno) and a selection of other snacks and drinks. (No alcohol; the rules for it in this universe are so draconian that it's not worth doing.)

Incidentally, our Guest of Honor, fluffcthulhu, won't be able to attend the party, but He will doubtless be there in spirit.

I'm also polishing up the piece of the Westercon 65 program book that fell through the wormhole. Due to the small turnout, the convention wouldn't have the full-size "souvenir book", but only a simple digest-sized booklet with the schedule and required stuff like the Westercon bylaws. And I don't think all of the pages are actually going to make the trip through the wormhole, so we might not see all of the program schedule in the book.

If anyone wants to place an ad in this souvenir book, write to me immediately. There's no charge; your money's no good in that other dimension anyway. The page size is 8 1/2 inches high by 5 1/2 inches wide, with half-inch margins. I need an image that I can lay out in Microsoft Publisher. (So if you send me a PDF, it may be difficult for me to make it work, although I'll give it a try.) If you don't already have my e-mail address, you can use my LiveJournal handle @livejournal.com and it will get forwarded to me. (Alternatively, you cann use my gmail.com address, which is my first initial, my middle initial (a for Allen), and my last name, all run together.)

I need to finalize this sometime this week and get it printed. There aren't likely to be many copies, but we'll have them at the party.