July 1st, 2012

Kuma Bear

In the Book

Early this afternoon, Lisa, I, and Kuma Bear polished off the originals for the Tonopah Westercon Program Book. It's a small booklet — Westercon in Tonopah would have been a low-budget convention — and the middle eight pages seem to have been censored by something called the Interdimensional Anomaly Protection Authority (subtitled "The Time Police"), but we're happy with it. I created a PDF and printed a final draft on my inkjet printer set to its highest resolution, and then we headed in to Reno because there isn't any place in Fernley for this sort of copying work.

At the FedEx Office in south Reno, we asked how long it would take to make 20 of these, and the guy said, "Noon tomorrow, maybe." Hm. The only thing we couldn't do ourselves was the saddle stapling. (I think I have a long-arm stapler somewhere, but it's probably buried in my storage locker.) He allowed as if we did the self-serve printing and folding, he could do the saddle-stapling while we waited.

I did make a mistake here. I allowed him to talk me into using the originals from the inkjet printer rather than printing straight from my PDF. After printing them, Lisa and I decided that the cover, at least, didn't really come out the way we wanted. We got some more of the cover stock and I did one direct print from PDF, and that looked a lot better, so we re-ran the covers and Lisa re-collated them. True to his word, the guy at what I still think of as Kinko's stapled them for us and when we were done, we had 21 copies of what fell through the wormhole. We'll have them at our party on Friday night of Westercon.

Alas, it looks like we will be the only party on our floor, because we can't afford a party suite, and the 13th floor above us, where the bid and convention parties are, is all suites. So if you do make it up to the 13th floor, please venture down one flight on Friday night and see the little corner of Kuma Bear's version of Westercon.