July 7th, 2012

Kuma Bear

Through the Wormhole

Friday afternoon, Lisa and I headed out for shopping for the Tonopah party. We had to find a Radio Shack because we wanted to connect my computer to the television in the room, and I'd left my S-Video and audio connectors at home; we thus had to buy more cables. After that, it was over to Safeway for sodas and chips. We significantly overbought because of the buy-2-get-2-free offers at Safeway.

Returning to the hotel, we were able to get a cart from the hotel to move our party supplies upstairs. Thanks to Lisa nagging me about it and the help of Kevin and Andy, we'd found that the hotel would let us have ice for free from Banquets if we supplied the containers. So while grocery shopping, we bought a box of heavy-duty garbage bags and lined three Bankers' Boxes with them, then took the boxes on the cart and got the ice. I had the "Ice Pass" that allowed access to the ice, but I misunderstood the directions and accidentally went to the wrong ice machine on the first round. We got it straightened out for the second run. I also made a third run with Kevin and Andy, to help supply the "Go Underground" party for UK in 2014 with ice since I had the cart and boxes handy. I returned the boxes to our room and the cart to the hotel, and after Lisa finished with most of the room prep, we went to dinner.

After dinner, we completed our room setup and actually opened about 45 minutes early, which is what we prefer to do whenever we host a party.

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Just before midnight, the Doubletree Hotel's Security showed up (while I was out visiting the other parties) and ordered parties to close their doors because they apparently knew nothing about "party floors" and everyone was being too loud. I hope this confusion is resolved by Saturday night, although it doesn't affect us personally since we're not hosting a party on Saturday.

Shortly after midnight, we felt the wormhole starting to close and said good night and thank you to the remaining guests and started returning our hotel room to its "Seattle" configuration. Boy, do we have a lot of leftover soda! Lisa fished it all out of the bathtub and left it stacked on the bathroom floor to warm back up so that she can put it back in the boxes tomorrow.

Lisa says Kuma Bear is sad because the Tonopah adventure is now over and he has nothing left to do. She'll have to find him a new job.