July 20th, 2012


Seemed Like Magic

I've been fretting about exactly where and when I was supposed to meet up with my mother in Yuba City on Sunday, because I'd not been able to contact her this week. This morning, while walking across the room, I looked over where my mobile phone was sitting and wondered why it was lit up. "Hey, someone's calling me!" I realized. (I'd set it to vibrate during meetings yesterday and forgot to unmute it.) It was my mother, calling to set up the date. (I'm taking her out to lunch.) Considering that calls roll to voicemail after only four rings (and sometimes sooner), if I hadn't looked over there within those exact few seconds, I wouldn't have known the call had come in at all until and unless I noticed that voicemail, and furthermore I would have frustrated my mother trying to contact me, which I did not want to do.
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