July 25th, 2012

Kreegah Bundalo


While I could probably have dragged myself into work today, I had no in-person meetings scheduled and it seemed tolerable for me to work from home, so I did. I even managed one video-conference meeting, which was just a one-on-one talk with the person in question, but did prove that the technology would indeed work from my home connection, which bodes well for the future.

So a bit after noon I started to make some lunch, part of which included some relatively soft gouda cheese. I've been trying to chew only on the left side of my mouth because of the temporary crowns on the rear lower right two teeth, but a bit of cheese got over to the wrong side. And grabbed hold of my crowns and popped them off.

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My dentist's office normally closes at 1 PM on Thursdays. Dr. Ferrer stuck around until after 1 PM and worked on me, and was very good about it. I'm very grateful, because it would have been very difficult to eat without the crowns in place protecting my ground-down teeth. I like my dentist. If you're looking for a good, professional dentist in the Redwood City area, I'd love to refer you to Dr. Anthony Ferrer.