July 29th, 2012


Westercon 66 Hotel Photos

I have not had time or bandwidth to upload the transit expedition photos yet, but I have uploaded the hotel room photos from our room here at the Sacramento Hilton. We're moving our of the room as I write this to head off to the Westercon open meeting. I hope to have more to say about the room and the hotel later.
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Return Ticket

The Westercon 66 meeting drew so many people that we overflowed the smaller function room assigned to us, and the hotel helpfully moved us to the much larger (but well-hidden because it's behind the hotel restaurant) Folsom Room. The meeting broke up in the 2 o'clock hour with an informal tour of the Hilton's function space (possible because the large group that had been meeting here over the weekend had left). I've taken lots of photos that I hope to get uploaded sometime this week.

The Hilton's shuttle bus won't take people all the way to the Amtrak station, but the driver did take me back to the Royal Oaks light rail station from which he (it was the same driver) had collected me yesterday. Unfortunately (and due to no fault of the driver), we got there just as a downtown-bound light rail train was leaving, so I had the maximum wait of 30 minutes. Consequently, I wasn't going to make it to the train station in time for the earlier train, but my plans were for the 5:40 train anyway.

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As usual, the three hour train ride between Sacramento and San Jose seemed much shorter than a three-our drive. This is a much nicer way to travel when I can do it.