September 9th, 2012

Conrunner Kevin

Why No Photos?

We took photos today, but the wi-fi in this hotel is sufficiently flaky that I can't upload them. Maybe someday I'll find the opportunity to upload our tourism photos and the various videos we've shot on this trip. But I said that last year and didn't do it either. I'm spoiled for not having the same bandwidth while traveling that I have at home.
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Closing the Loop (Almost)

Lisa and I got back to my apartment in San Jose around 9:30 PM, having arrived on time on the Coast Starlight from Los Angeles. The trip was pretty much without incident.

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There's enough padding in the schedule that despite being late at almost every intermediate stop, we were on time at San Jose. Lisa and I rolled over to the light rail station. I seem to have mislaid my Clipper card (I hope it's not lost), but I bought a couple of one-way cash fares — unlike LA Metro, the VTA vending machines not only give change in dollar coins but also accept dollar coins — and with a relative minimum of fuss we got back to the apartment and unpacked.

Good news: we checked Lisa's pickup (it's parked in the garage at my apartment) and found the external battery pack for the camera. It must have fallen off the camera bag when she was shifting stuff around. Lisa is relieved she doesn't need to build another rig.

My travel loop is not completely closed because my van is still parked in Fremont. The current plan is for Lisa to take me to Fremont and drop me at my van, after which she'll continue home to Fernley tomorrow.

I have tomorrow off. I'm not setting an alarm.