September 10th, 2012

Kevin and Lisa


Lisa and I thought we had the logistics all worked out. About Noon, we loaded up her pickup truck, she gave me back the parking permit for the apartment garage, and she drove me to Fremont and the Centerville train station. We originally thought we'd have lunch, but she (sensibly) wanted to get on the road and out of the Bay Area before traffic got bad, so I waved good bye to her and drove the opposite direction to get some groceries.

While I was paying for groceries, Lisa called me from a payphone. She'd forgotten one of her bags at the apartment, and unfortunately, it was a bag that had things she needed now and couldn't wait for me to bring back with me on my next trip to Fernley (planned for two weeks from now). So I drove over to where she was (the Fremont Hub) and we convoyed back to San Jose where we collected that bag and sent her off again, unfortunately leaving at 2:30. Even if she clears the Bay Area okay, she'll be driving into the teeth of Sacramento's rush. I hope she gets home okay.

Meanwhile, the TV cable has stopped working, but the internet (which is on the same connection) works just fine. I just don't have the energy to work on that problem right now, not with work hounding me to fix problems for them on my last day of vacation and a known pile of things waiting for me tomorrow. At least I can watch the US Open final on the live streaming even though the TV doesn't work.

Update, 20:00: Lisa got home safely to Fernley just before 8 PM.