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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

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Water At Last
Our initial attempt at getting the water running in Fernley House ran aground when leaks developed, requiring Lisa to quickly go under the house to shut off the water just before Worldcon. (We think this is how she caught that awful cold, the chronic bronchitis of which she still has.) Today, the plumber came and did the remaining fixes that allowed us to, at long last, turn on the water on the ground floor of the house. This gives us cold water to two bathrooms and to the washing machine. There's no water in the kitchen because the work to shore up the cracked beams led to the pipes serving the kitchen being removed, and we don't have enough money to pay for the replacement. There's no water in the upstairs "granny hutch," either. There's also no hot water, because we shut off the natural gas on account of the leaks on the furnace, and there's no money for a new furnace or water heater. Besides, Lisa wants the existing furnace/water heater moved out of where they are, the area where they are now remodeled to turn it into a pantry and remove a choke point, and an new furnace and water heater installed in a different location. All of this will have to wait until we can put together several thousand more dollars for the repairs. But we still have the trailer, which has heat and hot water, and we'll restock on firewood for the house when we can afford $550 for two more cords of the stuff and $100 to have the chimney cleaned for the new season. (Our plumber moonlights as a chimney sweep.)

I suppose some of this sounds like whinging over how many things don't work, but it's not as bad as it sounds. Having the water running to the washing machine means no longer having to walk stuff down to the laundromat, for instance, and being able to do laundry when we want, rather than when the laundromat is open. And Lisa continues to express her happiness with the house, warts and all. In a couple of weeks, it will have been a year since we closed on the house, and it's better now than it was.

Speaking of better, the contractor who worked on replacing the floor beams also came today — it was pretty busy here this afternoon as I tried to work with two different sets of repairs going on around me — to make good on their promise to shore up the east side of the kitchen, which had not been done as well as the west side and still had way too much bounce in the floor. After they installed more supports, Lisa still said the floor bounces in places, but the contractor says the beams have less than 1/16" of play in them even when I (all 300 pounds of me) bounce on them, so the remaining bounce must be in some parts of the sub-floor under the tiles. Someday we want to tear out those tiles and redo the floor anyway, so we're just going to have to live with it. Redoing that section of floor has a significantly lower priority over a bunch of other home improvement and repair projects.

Less than one year after I bought Fernley House, I finally got to use the bathroom in it. Seriously, we have gone from one working toilet (in the trailer) to three, which really is an improvement.

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Rainy Season
It is not always dry in Fernley: the rainy season lasted from 8:05 to 8:15 PM this evening. Unfortunately, that coincided with when Lisa and I were out for a walk after dinner. Commenting on how warm it was, Lisa didn't bring a jacket. That warm was obviously being pushed in front of the small shower that (literally) blew through town as we were walking. At one point we were head down and eyes covered against the blowing dust, for it hadn't rained enough to dampen the dust. No real harm done, but we cut our walk short and headed back to the house.

Lisa had been doing some painting earlier today, but that was all early enough in the day that it looks like it had dried out and took no harm from the brief shower. Lisa commented that, even better, it's only the painted surfaces that were exposed to the rain, not the unpainted surfaces that she expects to paint soon. Painting hasn't gone as quickly as she had hoped, but today she finished off the first of the four gallons of Sherwin-Williams paint we bought a few months back.

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