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A New Day That Will Live in Infamy

I don't think I have much more to say about the events in Washington, where President Trump incited an attempted putsch to overthrow the US republic and install a dictator. The thugs should not have been let anywhere near the building, let alone (as some photos/video allege) voluntarily let through the barriers by the people who were supposed to be protecting the building. I'm afraid I can spare no sympathy for the would-be revolutionary who was shot and killed while attempting to overthrow our government. She put her life on the line, and she lost it. I'm thoroughly annoyed that these people were simply let go. The police and national guard should have rounded them all up and they should be prosecuted for the many crimes they committed, often documenting their own crimes by taking and posting selfies.

I'm pleased that apparently some Republican senators may have decided that it's finally time to try and throw Trump under the bus, but it's way too little, too late. What makes you think that your little Orange God wouldn't turn on you the moment you didn't follow his every whim?

Once the results of the election of Biden and Harris are certified — and they will be, sooner or later — the House should suspend the rules and impeach Trump again, and the Senate should similarly suspend the rules and vote to remove him from office. Yes, I know there are only a few days left in his term, but besides getting rid of the madman, impeaching him makes him ineligible to ever hold office again. I know, it won't happen, but it should.
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