Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Not Quite Viral About Viruses

In the midst of yesterday's Trumpputsch in Washington, I
tweeted something that seemed obvious to me but did not seem to be getting mentioned anywhere that I was watching, either online or in the news coverage.

Yes, I think members of Congress got to go to the head of the line for vaccination (even those people who were claiming it was all a hoax last March), but how many of them actually took advantage of it. Given how many people were refusing to mask up or who were treating it as a joke, I'm not confident of coverage. Also, while one dose of the two-stage vaccines appears to give partial immunity, is that enough when everyone is crammed into a relatively small area when they took shelter at an undisclosed location (presumably connected by the network of tunnels that connects the Capitol to various nearby buildings)? And were the Congressional staff also vaccinated with the same priority as the legislators themselves?

Beyond all that, the Trumpians who tried to overthrow the US Government yesterday in favor of installing Great Glorious Orange Leader as King Donald I are probably also mostly covidiots, and it seems highly likely to me that a bunch of them were gleefully spreading the virus hither and yon. Now I really don't care if they infect each other and die, because their Darwin Awards help improve the average intelligence of humanity; however, they also want to take everyone else to the grave with them. Goodness only knows how the Capitol staff were able to do enough cleaning to make the places safe.

Anyway, As of this morning, that Tweet had 283 likes and 113 retweets. That's by no means a viral (ahem) sensation, but I think it's the most liked/RT thing I've ever written. Sometimes I'll get into 2 digits, usually with something about WSFS around Worldcon, but this got more airtime than I ever expected, presumably because so few others (anyone?) in my social media circle had said anything about it.

Expect another big spike in cases in two weeks based on the insurrectionists. And some of the cases are likely to be members of Congress, their staff, and the people trying to protect the nation's capitol.
Tags: #trumpputsch, covid-19, trumpputsch

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