February 3rd, 2013

Fernley House

At Least I Got the Firewood Delivered

This morning we hitched up the utility trailer to my minivan and drove over to Big R in Fallon to buy another ton of fence posts Douglas fir firewood, and also a splitting maul. Some of the other firewood we have is a little too large to fit into our smallmouth fireplace, and we needed something to split it down to size. Most of the mauls we saw on sale were relatively low quality, but the one from Stihl (german steel, American handle) looked right. The utility trailer tows much better with a load in it.

After lunch, it was time to settle in for the Super Bowl. We don't have either an antenna or cable TV here, but CBS Sports was indeed carrying the game online, so I fired up the computers and was able to watch the game. I was surprised that, based on Twitter comments, the online ads were not the US broadcast feed ads. But again, based on some of the comments, that's possibly for the best. Lisa wasn't interested at all, but she sent travelswithkuma to watch the game with me. "Not enough fishes," he said.

As for the game, well, that was of course a disappointment for a 49ers fan like me. And I had a stake in that game, having placed a (legal; it is Nevada) bet on the 'Niners at +4, so they had to win by at least five for me to collect. Believe it or not, I had a brief ray of hope when the Ravens took an intentional safety at the end of the game, because there was at least a possibility of a push on the bet (had the 'Niners won by exactly four points, the bet would have been a push), but I then realized that even if the free kick had been run back for a touchdown, the clock would have run out and therefore it would have been only a three point game. But I still would have been happier than how it actually turned out.

Oh, well, how long before pitchers and catchers report?