February 5th, 2013


Interim Worldcon/WSFS Web Site Updates

hazelchaz has access to the Worldcon/WSFS web sites, but because there has been an ongoing project (it actually started back in 2008) to completely re-do and update the sites to a more modern look and an easier way to maintain them, he had been holding off doing anything to them. However, things had gotten so badly out of date that he agreed to do some interim updating of the Worldcon web site and the closely related WSFS web site. The latter is the portal to the current constitution and rules and the accumulated minutes, agendas, and links to the videos when available, for the past decade-plus.

This is not a permanent fix. The Worldcon Website Working Group continues to work on something for the longer term. Also, this cleanup isn't perfect. There are defects here and there, and Chaz has other things to do in his life than this. However, I'm grateful to him for getting us caught up to 2013 so that people looking for the current rules don't have to rely on being able to dig down deep into the current Worldcon's web site to find them, which is what we've been having to do for the past three years.