February 18th, 2013

Game Show Kevin

To the Fortress of Dome

As I wrote a couple of days ago, I spent much of Saturday helping the RetroDome do more moving. We didn't have to move seats, but there was a lot of other stuff that had to go, and along the way I tried to snap a few photos.

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While I'm glad that my Day Jobbe as a professional logistician involves building databases instead of humping boxes onto and off of trucks, I was happy to come and help out with this nearly-final stage of the RetroDome move-out, and I've let them know that when they find a new home, if I'm available, I'll be happy to come help them move back in as well.

I had a thought while working with the Guggenheims to "strike the set" at the RetroDome: Some people treat all of life as a zero-sum game, and I get the distinct impression that there are people who think the only way they can have more happiness is to reduce other people's supply of it. The RetroDome is, in my mind, an example of the opposite: you can simply make the pie bigger, so that everyone gets more happiness. I've so thoroughly enjoyed myself in the short time since I discovered the RetroDome that, just like my involvement with SF/F genre conventions, I want to keep helping make the happiness pie bigger, since that means I get bigger pieces for myself. Or maybe I was just thinking about slices on account of they fed us pizza for lunch.