March 1st, 2013


Uneventful Drive to Fernley

Because I spent a while moving my chest of drawers out of the apartment down to my van (the staff at the apartment loaned me a luggage dolly, which helped considerably), I didn't get away from San Jose until about 12:30; however, traffic mostly moved pretty smoothly except for some sluggishness at Tracy and around the top of Sacramento. It would have been worse if it hadn't been relatively early (about 3 PM) when I passed through Sacramento. Including my typical stop at Colfax for around an hour to deal with business that had built up while I was on the road, I got home before 8 PM, which isn't bad at all.

It was a lovely spring-like day in the Sierra Nevada. That's good for me personally in the short run, but very bad in the long run. After a good start, this winter has been much too dry, and the snowpack is not good. We need a bunch of storms!

I'm so glad that I'm spending the week here and not having to turn around again on Sunday. It allows me to relax a little bit. Nonetheless, we have work to get done this week besides of course putting in a full stint of work on Day Jobbe each day.