March 3rd, 2013

Hugo Sign

BASFA 2013 Hugo & Campbell Award Recommendations Posted

The 2013 Hugo & Campbell Award Recommendations from the Bay Area Science Fiction are now posted at hugo_recommend, beginning here.

Today was the first day that I had the couple of hours it takes to finish collating the results of the past several weeks of BASFA discussions and to post the results to LiveJournal. To my great annoyance, I got all the way to Best Novella when I realized I'd been posting the recommendations to basfa instead of hugo_recommend, which meant I had to go back and delete the wrong-community entries (and the Twitter posts pointing at them) and re-do them pointed to the correct community.

The Hugo nominating deadline is only a week away. Don't put off nominating until the last minute. You never know when you might have your internet connection go down at an inconvenient moment. Remember that nominating is the most critical stage of the process, in that by nominating you help set the agenda for the discussion.