March 4th, 2013


Minvan Repairs

While I was head-down on the latest Hot Hot Hotter Than Hot Hottest Of All project (and having to drop that for something even more Hot Hot Hot), Lisa was taking advantage of the springlike weather to figure out why my minivan's window had difficult rolling up. She took the door panel off and found the problem. The vertical channel that controls the up-and-down motion of the window is attached to the sheet metal of the door with a rivet, and the rivet had broken off, so the vertical arm was binding. The solution was for me to take a break after lunch and hold things in place while she drilled out the broken rivet and re-attached the riser with a sheet metal screw. This took a bit more effort than originally forecast (the broken rivet being tougher than she thought it would be), but eventually Lisa got it done. She then took advantage of having the panel off by cleaning and re-greasing the window actuator before replacing the panel. I now have a working driver-side window again, which is good for various reasons, including the onset of spring and the need to be able to roll the window down at Passport Control the Ag Inspection Station at Truckee.
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