March 10th, 2013

Conrunner Kevin

Long Driving Day

Thanks to the time change (to Daylight Savings Time, effective in most parts of the USA today) and a variety of other factors, I didn't get away from Fernley until around 2 PM or so. Compounding the late start was a traffic accident (not including me) that happened at Gold Run on I-80 as I was coming down from the summit. I saw an electronic sign warning of the accident some miles ahead, but by then I was past the last "bail out" point: CA-20, the road down to Grass Valley and thence to Yuba City. So I got hung up in a multiple-miles-long traffic snarl that took me close to an hour to clear.

I didn't get back to the apartment in San José until after 10 PM. And I have to be up and at 'em tomorrow with an doctor's appointment in Palo Alto before going to work. Bleah.
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