April 1st, 2013

Kevin Sketch

No Foolin'

I'm too tired and still dealing with residual fatigue from the Lurgi. (I'll probably be going back to the apartment early and will not likely be at BASFA tonight.) So I have no clever postings about absurd things to post on April 1 this year.
Hugo Logo

They Do So Care

It has been an article of faith among those who think the Hugo Awards have no business giving out awards for dramatic presentations that the people involved with those productions don't care in the slightest about them. I can't say anything specific without breaking confidences, but I can assure anyone who wants to know that if the correspondence we're receiving at the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee from some of this year's BDP nominees is representative, they do very much care and are excited about having been nominated.

I also know that I asked a past BDP winner personally how much she valued her win in the category, and she reassured me that it did mean a lot to her — and that was before she knew I was on the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee.