April 7th, 2013

Hugo Sign

A Call for Dictatorship

Well, I'm probably exaggerating, but Paul Kincade's take on Awards in general and the Hugo Awards in particular, which is decently well-written and argued in my opinion, seems to think that allowing the members to have much say in how things are governed is a Bad Thing. He's right that the current system is maddeningly slow-moving and difficult to change. That's not really a bug; it's a deliberate design feature. We could be much more "efficient" if a a Single Strong Man or Secret Select Body made all of the decisions. But would that really be better?

Democracy is very inefficient. There seems, in my opinion, to be a longing from many people for a Strong Man to Be In Charge. Of course, I think the people longing for such things assume that the Strong Man would never make a decision with which those people disagree, which is part of the problem.