April 11th, 2013

Giants Fanatic

Hockey, Ho!

Eric Larson contacted me a few days ago and said he had two ticket to the San Francisco Bulls minor league hockey team. They were playing the Alaska Aces in game 3 of the quarterfinals of the league playoffs. I was welcome to one of them if I could come get him and take him to the game. That was a good deal to me, and on top of that, I had an errand to my company's Fremont warehouse anyway, so this afternoon I headed over to Fremont, did my errand, collected Eric, and we made our way up to Daly City. It seems appropriate that the Bulls should play in the Cow Palace.

Alas for the Bulls, not only were there not very many fans in the seats, even for playoff hockey, but they lost the game 4-1 including an empty-net shot at the end from the Aces. But it was still fun, and thanks to both Eric and to Sandra Childress, who gave Eric the tickets in the first place, for the chance to go.