April 16th, 2013


Of WSFS and Entitlement

To paraphrase a close friend of mine who reads this LJ, it's almost amusing to watch one group of privileged Anglophone white males claim that another group of privileged Anglophone white males are oppressing them.

daveon explains it better than I could, I think. I'd link to the source to which he's responding except that apparently there is a malware issue. You can find the site in question through a simple search on the key phrase in the post to which I linked. My own system didn't give me a malware warning when I went over there.
Not Sensible

On Democracy

The blog post to which I'm responding has a title of "To the Hugo Defenders: Check Your Financial Privilege at the Door" that is easily searchable. I won't link to it because it would appear that links are triggering malware detectors for reasons unclear to all concerned, but you can find it.

I'm also trying to avoid answering every single point raised over there because that's apparently "flood posting" and part of the "policing the discussion" and "discouraging participation" thing. But this is my LiveJournal, so me writing stuff here is not flooding someone else's site, only my own, for which I've paid. (I'm a Permanent Paid LJ account holder, which is why I'm reluctant to move.) I shall even put the bulk of the post behind a cut-tag, so if you're fed up with this annual discussion, you're welcome to scroll right past it.

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In essence, being a resident of Science Fiction Fandom does not make you a citizen of the World Science Fiction Society, any more than my being a resident of Fernley made me a citizen of Nevada.