April 21st, 2013

Kevin and Lisa

Visting California

So two days after officially becoming a Nevadan, what do I do? Head back to California, of course. Lisa is with me for this final week in the apartment, where she will help me move out the final van-load of stuff. We got away from Fernley earlier than I usually do and headed west. After stopping for breakfast at the Wagon Wheel Cafe in downtown Truckee, we decided to take the scenic route up Donner Lake Road, because the spring is here and the snow is melting, so we had to concern ourselves with neither chain controls nor ski-resort-related traffic. There were a lot of bicyclists, though.

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Lisa said she was impressed with how much advance moving-out I've done and says she doesn't see us having any difficulty with the final removal of my stuff. The most complicated job is disassembling the IKEA desk, but she put it back together after we moved it here from Fremont and knows how it works. She twist-tied a bag with the hex-head tools to the desk when she assembled it, and the bag is still there. Everything else, she says, should fit into the empty boxes we brought. Fingers crossed that this will be a smooth move-out this week.