April 24th, 2013

Kevin and Lisa

Countdown to Move-Out

After I came back to the apartment after work today and Lisa and I had dinner, we went out for our big night on the town: to the Westfield Valley Fair Mall in San Jose/Santa Clara. I was running low on the after-shave ointment I use from Lush (good, but expensive). There's no Lush in Reno, so it was best to stock up now. We also got Lisa some Dream Cream that may be good for her dry elbows. Alas, they don't make Pied de Pepper, which was good for sore feet, anymore.

A walk around the mall (and a stop at American Apparel for Lisa, where a very helpful-but-hyperactive clerk was able to find what Lisa was looking for) helped work off some of dinner. Then it was back home. Oboy, I'm a bundle of excitement, I am.

Only three more days left here in the apartment. Maybe tomorrow we'll box up some of what's left, but so much of it is in active use that we may have to wait until Friday afternoon. We'll probably go off-line then when I disconnect the cable modem, although I should also be able to bridge my company-issued smartphone to allow me to check my e-mail on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Lisa is taking advantage of the somewhat faster internet here at the apartment to download lots of Old Time Radio from archive.org, and she's building more stuff at ActiveWorlds, where she's an enthusiastic builder. Her latest build included a coffee-vending machine. You press the button and a geyser of hot coffee shoots straight out of the machine into your avatar's face. When that stops, an empty cup pops out of the slot and rolls onto the floor.
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