April 26th, 2013

Kevin and Lisa

Last Day

After working from the apartment this morning, we "struck the set" as best we could at the apartment in San Jose.

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I was able to bet the internet bridging from my mobile phone to work, although I did have to buy the full version of PDANet ($8, not too expensive) in order to also use it to bring up the Giants game. I have unlimited bandwidth on the mobile phone, so that's not a problem. Lisa chuckled over how much technology it took for me to listen to a baseball game being broadcast over the air; unfortunately, there's so much RF in this apartment that an AM radio just doesn't work.

So tonight is my final night in the Atrium Gardens apartment, after just slightly over one year here. I don't have a particular attachment to what is really just a glorified hotel room; however, it has served me decently for the past year and I have little to complain about. If I were expecting to be in the Bay Area more than I am, I'd renew the lease, but as it stands now, it will cost me less to rent cheap hotel rooms when I'm hear. (Or if any of my friends reading this have a spare bedroom they might consider renting, let me know and we can discuss it to our mutual benefit.)