April 28th, 2013


Refilling the Larder

Early versions of our plans had us stopping for grocery shopping in Reno/Sparks on the way home from the Bay Area, but there was simply too much stuff in the back of the van for serious groceries, so we had to go back into Reno/Sparks today after we finished unloading the minivan. The IKEA desk is now upstairs in what will be my office someday (after we get it habitable again, including getting the network connection up there and, most importantly, getting the air conditioning working) and Lisa will reassemble it tomorrow. Some of the things we packed in San Jose got put away today, but it's far less urgent now that they're home; we'll get things done as necessary.

After going to Grocery Outlet, we had an early dinner at the Atlantis' buffet, which, after trying quite a few around the area, we think is probably the best we've had. Waddling away from the buffet, we were in good condition to avoid impulse buys from Winco before heading home to restock the larder at Fernley House.

Lisa says the weather is turning perfect to start painting again, but that she wants me to stay out from underfoot if and when she starts to paint the front porch. Darn! I never get to have any fun....