May 1st, 2013

Match Game SF

Keep Those ____s Coming

Match Game questions have been arriving after my request last night, and I thank you all for submitting them. It's likely I won't be able to use some of them, particularly if we are lucky enough to have the folks from The Game Show Show on the panel (we're asking them), on account of at least one of the questions is almost exactly the same as one that they used in their rotation, but I still appreciate the questions being sent in. Also, some of what I've received will work as bonus round and sudden death questions, which are in a different format, and that's good, too, because those have been a little stale lately.

Bonus Round questions are in the form of "Star ___" and the contestant has to get an exact match with the single panelist's answer to win the bonus round prize. We modified the Super Match rules from the original show to make it more likely that most or all of the panelists will get selected in the Bonus Round, unlike the original show where Richard Dawson was selected nearly any time he was on the panel, on account of his uncanny ability to read contestants' minds.

My Papers Pliz

In yesterday's mail, the magic piece of plastic that takes the place of human judgement my Nevada driver's license arrived, allowing me to get rid of the temporary paper license and officially invalidating my California license.

Meanwhile, my attempt to "summerize" the fireplace (digging out ashes, vacuuming) came to naught when it turned cold enough today to oblige me to set a fire for a few hours to get the temperature in the living room back up above 20°C.
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