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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Sunday, May 5th, 2013

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This is my first "visit" to the Bay Area under the new work/life plan and after vacating the old apartment in San José. I'm checked in to the EZ-8 Motel Newark, which has the benefit of being quite inexpensive by Bay Area standards. It's clean. There's a refrigerator, but no microwave oven, and "cooking is prohibited in rooms." The internet access is available but not free; however, I can bridge my smartphone, which has unlimited bandwidth, so that's not really a problem. I wish I'd remembered my swimsuit, as there is a small hot tub, and it's convenient to my room; I could use the relaxation. (Maybe next trip.) The location is not convenient to transit; if I have to stay down here and not be tied to my car, I'll have to stay in some place like the EZ-8 on North First Street (a block from where my apartment was), but that's about $10/night more. Location, location, location.

My only significant complaint is a dearth of power outlets. It's about as bad as the British hotel rooms in which I've stayed. Even with a six-foot extension cord and eight-foot power cord, I can just barely reach my CPAP machine from the outlet nearest the bed. (I'll need to get a longer extension cord for the next stay, I guess.)

And, thanks to it being the ESPN Sunday Night game and my having got away from Fernley a couple of hours earlier than usual, I got to see the Giants-Dodgers game, which, since we don't have cable or satellite at Fernley House, is a treat for me.

I am amused that one of my fellow travelers at this hotel has a "My Other Vehicle is a TARDIS" license plate bracket on his/her car.

Current Mood: tired

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