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Kevin Standlee: Fandom Is My Way of Life
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Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

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Oregon Trip Day 2: A Study of Contrasts
Yesterday's drive from Fernley to Klamath Falls via Gerlach, Cedarville, and Alturas was mostly through clear, cool, sunny weather. This morning in K-Falls, the wind was blowing in from the Cascades. As we were packing the minivan, the lid blew off a Bankers Box containing some of our stuff, and I had to quickly chase it down or it would have blown halfway to Tulelake in no time. Not having many time constraints today, Lisa suggested that we take an alternative route via Bend and Madras, the Deschutes River canyon, and skirting the southern edge of Mount Hood. This route is only about 30 miles longer than the shorter route via OR-58 and I-5, and I said I saw no reason not to go that way. Had we known what was ahead, we would have tried something different.

Rain we expected, but not snow, not in late May!Collapse )

Although getting stuck at Mt. Hood in a blizzard was not our idea of how to spend Memorial Day Weekend, I took the opportunity during our restroom break to take a short video.

Watch for blowing and drifting snowCollapse )

We got to our hotel south of Portland around 8 PM. Alas, my upgrade-fu did not work, as they were completely full up, and we ended up in a double-queen room. We don't like it. Too much of the room is taken up with the second bed, and the layout isn't good. We may ask to be moved to the room type for which I'd originally reserved for the second reservation that starts tomorrow, despite our desire to not have to change rooms in mid-stay. At least tomorrow is the least-crowded day on our schedule, as much of it was planned to decompress from the travel, something which I need more than I planned after that snowy crossing of the mountains. (Besides, it looks like Day Jobbe stuff may be necessary anyway.)

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